Amadeus is the name of a memory storage and artificial intelligence system developed by the Viktor Chondria University using Kurisu Makise's thesis on Visual Rebuilding as a basis. Follow. Steins;Gate 0 picks up six months after the “true ending” of the original Steins;Gate.This was a moment where Rintaro Okabe had to make the hard decision and kill Kurisu … After a tremendous Steins;Gate season 1 with a perfect ending and not-so-perfect movie, Steins;Gate 0 had a lot on its shoulders. Meaning that Kurisu is dead and her father was able to run with her time travel theories. The Let's Play Archive Steins;Gate by ProfessorProf ‹ Part #187 Part #189 › Return to LP Index. After Rintaro comes back from his failed attempt to save Kurisu, Mayuri comforts him, feeling that the burden of changing the future is too much for one person to take. You can see the resemblance of Kurisu by far! Everything that has happened in 0 is effectively nullified so the happy ending of reaching Steins Gate would be possible. Overall Steins;Gate 0 does a better job in linking its dark future to the events of the show. Then there's the steins gate world line, the future of which we don't quite know. Otaku Anime Manga Anime Film … Remember that I said Suzuha came from a possible future of the Steins Gate timeline, a split in the World Lines. But, to save Kurisu, the time machine is necessary, if Okarin did not have the motive to make it, where did it come from? By Sam. Figured as Much Photo Collection #17. If Steins; Gate Okabe caused a different death for Kurisu, then it is possible that Future Okabe would disappear as the worldline would move to another one, and all Steins; Gate Zero stuff would disappear. Steins;Gate 0 is a shining example of the types of heart-wrenching tales that can be told through the use of visual novels. 8 ... Who is Suzuha's mother and what type of work that Kurisu did at University back in the U.S. Part 188: Makise Kurisu consults with Okabe on personal matters. Coming into a new timeline where the SERN enslavement doesn't happen or World War 3, it is a happy ending for everyone as no one dies. This means that the world stays in the Beta Worldline. An alternate version of episode 23 aired as part of a rerun leading to the release of Steins;Gate 0. A few days later, Okabe's mad scientist persona Hououin Kyouma arrives alone at the airport in Los Angeles, where he may be taking the first step to leading the world into chaos. Steins;Gate 0 is the life of that Okabe. in Japan for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2015, Microsoft Windows in 2016, Xbox One in 2017, and Nintendo Switch in 2019. Steins;Gate 0 isn’t afraid to show us someone who is vulnerable. Maho’s introduction in Steins;Gate 0 ... - The pose in which Kurisu and Okabe stand back-to-back in their lab coats is truly iconic. Apr … The Steins;Gate 0 guidebook’s explanation of the title leaves out mention of the CTC theory but does explain the term as being derived from the Japanese terms 閉曲線(heikyokusen, closed curve) and 閉じられた時間軸(tojirareta jikanjiku, closed time axis). Steins;Gate 0 – Makise Kurisu – Antinomic Dual – 1/8 Figure. You’re not letting him watch it because of one scene? After killing Kurisu with his own hands, Okabe attempts to move on with a normal life. Let's Play Steins;Gate by ProfessorProf - Part 6: Makise Kurisu gives a lecture on a familiar subject . This is where the cross-time part comes in. Building a collection of anime and video game figures is an expensive hobby. "Whether I'm alive or dead, I'm still just dandy." It is the story of a broken man. In turn, Okabe and Kurisu finally meet again. Steins;Gate 0 is set on the Beta worldline, the one where Okabe stops SERN by undoing all the D-Mails but fails to stop Kurisu’s death. The Let's Play Archive Steins;Gate by ProfessorProf ‹ Part #5 Part #7 › Return to LP Index. Revoltage1022. Spoken during the opening scene, that line stuck with me through my playthrough of STEINS;GATE 0. After trying one more time to save Kurisu, he is finally successful. I know that in SG0 Okabe slips into the beta world where Mayuri is dead and kurisu is … STEINS;GATE 0 Review “Whether you time travel or time leap, you can’t go back and change the result of the past”. Steins;Gate, Amane Suzuha. The thing that is interesting is that Kurisu's official sprite doesn't look like Huke's art nor White Fox's design from both anime and visual novel and she seems to have like a bit cuter and bigger eyes or something within the Phantom Breaker Omnia game and looks like she was from Robotics;Notes or something. At the end of the last episode of Steins;Gate, Okabe manages to reach Stein’s Gate, saving both Kurisu and Mayuri. Sep 26, 2018 12:02 PM. Mayuri and the rest are planning to reunite with Kurisu, who had come back to an American laboratory. While these plot elements are not key to the original's story, it is nice for the sequel to provide some answers. August 22, 2020. In this case Rintaro can’t overcome the fact that she killed Kurisu and doe not come back in time to try again. Steins;Gate Collection by Smilemap. Steins Gate 0 might be a different take of the Steins Gate story but still has some elements that made the first anime so great. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Part 6: Makise Kurisu gives a lecture on a familiar subject (I apologize for the two posts of solid nonsensical pseudoscience I am about to subject you to.) Oct 3, 2015 - Explore Smilemap's board "Steins;Gate", followed by 979 people on Pinterest. It is part of the Science Adventure series, and is set in the period of the 2009 game Steins;Gate.It was released by 5pb. The heartfelt renunion. The ending to Steins;Gate. 3DS friend code: 2191-7740-4404 PSN / Nintendo Network ID: Vortex_of_Hope Well, first I thought she was the child of Kurisu… Now, that it seems that it is final that Kurisu will not come back from the dead, I’m going to say that Kagari is Amadeus 2.0 . Okay so let me piece this together and oh I do not have any knowledge of the VN I only have seen the original series and the 0 and have read a lot of theories and have come to this conclusion. In Steins;Gate 0 we look at a world where Mayuri is alive and Kurisu is dead. Modified by Aquamirror, Sep 26, 2018 1:05 PM #4. I see two possibilities. Trust me, your son is gonna miss out. Offline Joined: Aug 2015 Posts: 920 Mezo-RPWPA said: … In Steins;Gate 0, we find the answers to the question: What if Rintaro gave up and decided not to go back to save Makise Kurisu? Manga Art Manga Anime Steins Gate 0 Kurisu Makise Gate Pictures Otaku A Silent Voice Natsume Yuujinchou Anime Nerd. His role is to revive the Okabe you saw at the end of the original anime and give him the details of how to save Kurisu. Then Steins; Gate Okabe would no longer get the Deceive the World Video. Extras are not tracked. The small collection I have (some of which have been covered on The Otaku’s Study) has easily cost me a few thousand dollars to acquire over the last couple of years. Both the Senior Chief of Neuroscience of the University, professor Alexis Leskinen, and his assistant and Kurisu's senior, Maho Hiyajo, are in charge of the program. Faris posted: Subject: About abilities In the end, Faris doesn't quite understand her own power nya. 6 The Original Is Better: Its Dark Future Is More Unique. 0x2 Steins;Gate the Movie: Loading Area of Déjà vu Episode overview. Kurisu and Okabe reunite. Interactions with Amadeus Kurisu have a similar effect, especially when references to the original Kurisu come up. I was just wondering if we could see the Beta worldline where Kurisu is alive and Mayuri is dead. So, I believe that in the future they will incorporate Amadeus memories into a child/robot which will become Kagari as we know now. While Steins;Gate was made for the Xbox 360 and came out nearly a decade ago, 0 targets PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita from the start. 67 Pins • 979 followers. Air date. Just a note. 2. Steins;Gate 0 is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. I mean, look at her! Steins;Gate 0 is the result of a different ending from the Steins;Gate. The most satisfying endings are the ones that give gold trophies the other three are like the early endings of the original Steins Gate. Although that’s what it is, it’s basically just like a 23 episode long explanation of something that happened in the OG, if you decide to finish it, the last episode won’t disappoint you, you’ll understand what the whole purpose of steins gate 0 was. So the most factual possibility is that kurisu is her mother from another world line, maybe at the end of the original steins gate okabe and kurisu are both alive and have a kid and world war 3 still comes and they send their kid back to try and help. Let's Play Steins;Gate by ProfessorProf - Part 188: Makise Kurisu consults with Okabe on personal matters . However, in the beta world line (episode one), kurisu dies, so she can't be part of sern there either. See more ideas about Steins, Gate, Steins gate 0. It isn’t so much as a “different timeline”. It more or less sums up the plot and puts everything you try and do in it into perspective.

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