I was studying the new feature of AEM, "Content Fragments", introduced in AEM 6.2 and further enhanced in 6.3, however I am not very clear about the actual use-cases of the Content Fragments and need more insight. Content fragments are not available in the classic UI. Content fragments and experience fragments are new terms that have been dominating the AEM scene for the past year. Here is the steps to create and use Content Fragments in AEM. The highlight of this example is that the majority of content will be authored in AEM, with some pieces from third-party systems where that data lives, and is rendered using AEM… AEM 6510 - Add Photo Gallery Composite Multifield in Content Fragments Goal Create a Content Fragment Model with Multifield of Content References , show Preview and add field for Caption (making it somewhat Composite Multifield ) Uses would typically be mobile applications, portals, external web applications, or even an AEM … Enable CaaS in AEM, and use the Models and Entities to aggregate content … The fragments catalog provides a central location to view all fragments and obtain information about them. You can push an Experience Fragment (XF) to an endpoint by using, for example, the 3rd party’s API (e.g. Create fragments when you identify form content or a script that you intend to use in multiple forms. The following changes to the original posted code seem to work on both AEM and AEM 1) In function "fillMultifieldItems(mfItem)" (line 55), apply the following changes: Replace the following piece of code In AEM there exists various type of reference providers which are useful for fetching all kinds of references to a specific resource. But this doesn't seem to be fitting with 6.4 at all. The XF component will render the XF that fits the localization format of the requested page. AEM Content allows you to create, design and use page independent content. Experience Fragments in AEM 6.4 Hello Everyone, A lot of people asked me to write upon experience fragments since so long but I couldn’t . In our first example we will simply setup AEM to use content fragments … AEM content fragments are created and managed as page-independent assets Embedding an HTML XF can be achieved by using an